Why Choose Shane

About Shane

I have been drawn to the wonder of massage my whole life. As a child, I would rub my mom’s shoulders after a long day to ease stress, or walk on my dad’s back to relieve pain. I started receiving massage regularly as a young adult, relishing the tranquil time.

The transition to massage school was natural, attending two renowned massage schools right here in sunny San Diego. I now have over 25 years expertise as a massage therapist, blending my life’s massage insights into your customized treatments, achieving pain relief and serenity.

Why Choose Shane

No Talking

Have you ever received a massage from a therapist who wouldn’t stop talking? I love a good chat, but I won’t initiate a conversation with you during your massage. I follow your lead.


I disinfect absolutely everything in between appointments.


Appointments always start and end on time. Provided you arrive 5 minutes early, my goal is to maximize your hands-on time. My hands don’t leave your body until the clock hits your appointment end time.

Health At Every Size

I use a wide massage table and large sheets to accommodate all body types. You won’t have to worry about feeling uncovered.

YOU Are In Control

No aspect of your massage should come as a surprise. We’ll chat before every appointment and plan a treatment. Your session is about you, not me.

Custom-Tailored Treatments

I keep track of your preferences—everything from your favorite essential oils and your love of scalp massage to your ticklish feet. You’re not typical; why should your massage be?

Peace & Quiet

Goodbye, noisy clinics. Hello, healing oasis. My treatment room is tucked away at the back of a holistic healing space, so you can enjoy your massage in peace.

Safe Space

I provide a body-positive space where you can relax and ignore the outside world. Leave your insecurities at the door; your comfort is my utmost priority.

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